Friday September 16th

Many of the volunteers who have been working on this project will gather at the Red Brick Courthouse at 11:00 AM on Friday September 16, 2016 for a tour of the museum space and a meet and greet with representatives from Peerless Rockville and the Montgomery County Historical Society. Afterwards some of us will have lunch at several of the near-by restaurants. The public is invited and we hope that we will be joined by present or former officers and employees of every law enforcement agency that has served the citizens of and visitors to Montgomery County. 

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The museum will be located in the historic Red Brick Courthouse, 29 Courthouse Square, Rockville, Maryland.  The primary display area will be in Room 105 which was the Sheriff's office and the location of the first office of the Montgomery County Police Department. Additional displays will be placed in the main hallway between Room 105 and the offices of Peerless Rockville. 

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Our Volunteers

We can always use more volunteers.  We have need to fill the following positions now:
a Project Manager and a Treasurer
- we have a temporary Treasurer, but need someone to take over around 12/31/16.

In the near future we want to fill the following positions: Additional Archiving Volunteers, Assistant Project Manager (Time Line Manager),  Budget Director, Equipment Acquisition, Fundraising Coordinator, Construction Supervisor, Publicist, Additional Large Donation Coordinator, Interviewer (Living History), Researcher - Artifacts, Museum Construction Supervisor, and Graphic Designer - Displays.

The following volunteers are filling the following positions and/or tasks:

Karl Plitt - Chairman, The Montgomery County Joint Law Enforcement Museum, Inc.
Bob Philo - Secretary, TMCJLEM, Inc. - and corporate and 501c3 filings 
Paul Sterling - Board Member, TMCJLEM, Inc.
Bob Disinger - Board Member, TMCJLEM, Inc.
Don Pohlmann - Treasurer (interim)
Rich Sheehan - Business Plan Development
Rick Pelicano - Program of Requirements Development
Jeff Pauley - License Agreement Development
Kep Plitt (RCPD) - Large Donation Coordinator and Photographer
John Binnix - Equipment Acquisition Coordinator 
Brian Ford - Archiving Volunteer
Tim Delaney - Archiving Volunteer
Larry Yates (RCPD Ret.) - Inter-Agency Liaison
Tara Sutton - Design & Layout
If you have any questions please contact Karl Plitt at or call at 931-388-9495

We're always looking for people to help out. Contact us if you don't see the job or task you're looking for!

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What our volunteers are saying

"Each of us is blessed with a gift that we can use to make this project a success. Some have particular skills, others simply have time on their hands and a need to do something. You do not have to be in Rockville or a member of MCPAA to participate - just have an interest."

— Bob P.

Keep in touch!

We anticipate that sometime in the near future there will be various social media accounts for our museum.  Links to those accounts will appear here. 

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